KAT-TUN Fancam in Seoul Concert

My lovely friend uploaded this fancams for me.. the videos are from blog naver (the credits are at the youtube description).. ^^

i just give the link since i have 12 fancams here ^^

KAT-TUN Fancams (cre: blog.naver/jikot)
-Going 1-
-Smile 1-
-Smile 2-
-Smile 3-
-Dance break-
-Going 2-
-Kamenashi and Nakamaru skit-

Thank you to Kara (2pinkninja@YT) who uploaded these fancams for me ♥♥♥

Kyuhyun in star dance battle is just amazing ♥♥♥

Ahh.. it's been like forever since the last time i updated my journal...

Well it's kinda late but i still spazzing on Kyuhyun is star dance battle last sunday.. OMG! he's so freaking hot and amazing. His dancing skill improving a lot.. He didn't look awkward just like the last time when he dance billie jean, he's just more natural.. i'm so proud of him.. i almost cry everytime i watched the video again and again...

anyway i uploaded the video to my account... i just can't stop watching it.. please keep dancing baby Kyu ♥♥


Bandage PV is out ^^

Yaayy finally the PV is out!! Jin really love wearing that white loose t shirt LOL
i like the freeze-time theme in this PV, look artistic... but kinda dislike when Jin put his middle finger up and show it to the camera.. tired with that pose that he always do >_<
Jin's voice is good and fit to the song.. although that LANDS is suppose to be a rock band (isn't it?) but i think the song is not Rock at all.. it's similar with Johnnys type of songs.. but i love it ^^
I kinda feel lonely seeing Jin alone without the rest of KATTUN members but it's really a good thing that finally Jin has his solo activities.. now  can't wait to see the movie! ♥

anyway i uploaded the video on youtube ^^


KyuHae ♥♥♥

still spazzing on this picture... it's just too adorable ^^
even though at first Kyu seemed awkward when Donghae asked him to acted the MV together, still i find it so adorable...
awww.. they should do this kind of thing a lot ♥

credit: kyuhyun baidu bar +

Vote Super Junior in MAMA

MAMA - Oversea viewers Award

vote for Super Junior in MAMA... people who live outside Korea now can vote for MAMA.. all you have to do go to and vote for Super Junior, and to get the Mnet account you can go to

please vote for Super Junior everyday ^^

Thank you! ♥♥♥

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090909 is a blue birthday.......

Last wednesday was my birthday....
It's not a very fun birthday...
I turn 25 and lots of my friends forget to called and messaged me... aahh... T____T
And also SJ-world down that day.. i'm really sad T__T

But I got a birthday gift from my lovely sistaa!!
Thank you so much Hannah for the graphic.. i love it!!! *hugs*
It's a wonderful gift ^^

cre: swtsrwlove
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