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[fic] HanChul's Short Stories

Title: HanChul’s short stories
Pairing: Hankyung/Heechul
Rating: PG-13? Well it’s safe..
Disclaimer: I really do not own them.. T_T
Note: It’s 2 short stories about Hankyung and Heechul. I’m not really sure about this, but please give your opinion hehehe ^^
Warning: Un-betaed... Sorry for the grammatical errors... ^^;



Leaving to China

Heechul sat silently on the sofa, watching Hankyung who were packing his stuff into the bag. Hankyung were preparing to leave to China for another Super Junior M schedule. Heechul always hate it when the time for Hankyung to leave is come. He felt so happy when Hankyung back from China but he felt really depressed when Hankyung had to leave again.

“Do you really have to go tomorrow?”, asked Heechul.

Hankyung looked at Heechul, “Well yeah, we have a schedule a day after that. We have to leave early so we can have a rest before that.”

Heechul took a deep breath. He felt so sad that he had to see Hankyung leaving again. Sometimes he wishes that he was one of the Super Junior M members so he would never be separated from Hankyung.

“Are you going to miss me?”, asked Heechul again.

Hankyung stopped his activity and looked at the beautiful figure in front of his eyes and smiled, “Yes of course. You don’t have to ask.”

Heechul smiled faintly. Hankyung continued his activity packing his stuff again.

“Ok, I’m finish packing.”, said Hankyung. Then he put the bag in the corner and sat on floor resting. Hankyung rubbed his eyes, “Oh I’m so tired. Heechul, how about we ordered out the dinner tonight? I don’t have energy to cook. Well, I think I want to ord….”, Hankyung stopped his words in shocked. Suddenly Heechul hugged him from the back and buried his face on Hankyung’s back.

“Heechul? What’s wrong?”, asked Hankyung confused.

“Please, let me stay like this for a while. Even just for a minute, I want to remember this figure before you leaving”, said Heechul while hugged him tightly.

Hankyung smiled faintly. He never said this to Heechul, but he also felt so depressed whenever he had to leave him again. Hankyung held Heechul hand and grasp it.

“We can do this all night.”, said Hankyung while grasp Heechul’s hand tightly. Both of them stayed there without saying anything and let the silent delivered their feeling for each other.


Phone Call

“I just ate a Beijing Fried Rice at the restaurant”, said Heechul on the phone.

Hankyung knitted his eyebrows, “And?”

“That’s it. I just want to tell you that”, said Heechul

Hankyung chuckled, “You call me to China just to tell me that?”

“Yes. Why? “

“It’s international call and it’s not cheap. You know that.”, said Hankyung still laughing.

Heechul silent for a while, “Well, I’m running out ideas for a reason to call you.”

“Well you can choose a cheaper way, like sending me a message.”

“That’s different. Beside I don’t care about the cost of my phone bill anyway.”, said Heechul.

 “Why?”, asked Hankyung.

“Because to me hearing your voice is priceless, so my phone bill is so much cheaper.”

Hankyung flustered. Hankyung just smile and wishing that he could hugged the person on the other line.

“Well, today at the stage Kyuhyun forgot some of his line”, said Hankyung started a conversation.





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