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[fic] Dance Rehearsal

Title: Dance Rehearsal
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Heechul
Rating: PG-13? Well it’s safe..
Disclaimer: I really do not own them.. T_T
Note: This is the first time i made fic about the two of them. Hope it's no weird, and comment are love ^^
Warning: Un-betaed... Sorry for the grammatical errors...
Summary : It's a long practice night for Kyuhyun.


Kyuhyun dropped on the floor after the long dance rehearsal. It was two o’clock in the morning in Seoul but the thirteen boys still practicing the Sorry Sorry dance in SM Building. Dragging their tired feet and heavy eyes, they matched their steps to improve their performance each day.

Kyuhyun particularly exhausted today. This endless of rehearsal have been too much for him. Nevertheless, he said it to nobody. He would push himself to the fullest as to keep up to his sunbaes. Plus, it was hard to gather these busy boys together, so he was not complaining like no one else does. One person was missing though, Heechul.

Kyuhyun poured a glass of water to a paper cup and sip it slowly, letting the cold water went through his sore throat. His eyes scanned the practice room where everyone was either took the break chance to close their eyes or just lying down, stretch their weak bodies.

The leader came up to Kyuhyun, asked him for the water. Kyuhyun was more than happy to pour a glass for him.

“Thanks. Today was great, huh?” said Eeteuk.

Kyuhyun nodded. He would answer with longer sentence but he was tired.

“It felt like debuting all over again,” Eeteuk smiled and then patted Kyuhyun on his arm before he went to the practice room door. Someone knocked on it.

“Hey, guys! Sorry I’m late!” it was Heechul who knocked and popped his head to the practice room as soon as Eeteuk opened the door. Heechul looked tired.

Everyone greeted him, waved at him and Han Kyung even gave Heechul a kick on his leg. Kyuhyun politely raised his hand when Heechul turned to him and smiled. Heechul nodded.

“You’re dead already?” he asked.

Kyuhyun laughed. He didn’t respond to that question because he knew Heechul need no answer.

He came.

Shindong clapped his hands together and everyone stood up again. The music played, giving cue to start the choreo routine. Heechul entered in the middle of the choreo. Kyuhyun noticed Heechul made some mistakes and his moves were not in rhythm. When he realized all of that, he started to make mistakes too. Everything aside, Heechul looked great. Kyuhyun wondered where Heechul’s tired body gone.

Another hour passed and Eeteuk told the boys to go home. Kyuhyun dropped on the floor again. He planned on staying another hour. He still needed to master the moves and maybe play some game after. Kyuhyun have an impressive reputation for staying up all night thanks to his gaming skill. He’d use that reputation to hone his skill on dancing tonight.

Everyone left one by one. Eeteuk even told him to go soon too but Kyuhyun only nodded and the leader asked no more. Kyuhyun turned off the lights and left one light on. He chose his mp3 player instead of the radio.

Beat by beat, step by step, he tried to make his dance perfect. A sudden tap on his shoulder knocked him off of his world and threw him to the wall.

“Hyung!?” Kyuhyun almost lost tenth of his age because of that little surprise.

Heechul smiled when he knew he have made the maknae scared his wit out, “You still here?”

“I thought you have already went home,” Kyuhyun tried to catch his breath.

“I came back. I made some mistakes in MuBank. That was our come back, ya! I made mistakes,” Heechul tied his hair back and turned on the radio.

He came back to practice. Kyuhyun can’t help but smiled. It’s nice to see that. Kyuhyun had already calmed down but his heart beating fast for another reason now.

“Ya, is this move… right?” Heechul asked Kyuhyun.

“Ha? Um, yeah… just loosen the finger… I think,” explained Kyuhyun.

“Really? I thought Eunhyuk told us to make a fist with our hands,” Heechul tilted his head.

Kyuhyun laughed nervously, “Haha, don’t ask me, Hyung. This is the first I ever danced again. I only had five seconds of choreo back in Don’t Don time.”

“You’re right,” Heechul laughed amused.

 Why did I feel so nervous? Kyuhyun decided to go home. He was feeling weird. He collect his things and put on his shoes.

“You’re going home?” asked Heechul.

“Yes,” Kyuhyun answered without turning his head to his sunbae.

“I thought you were gonna stay with me.”

Kyuhyun choked and laughed, “I… I need my sleep,” he was lying. He wanted to stay a bit longer.


“I’m glad seeing you today, Hyung…,” said Kyuhyun abruptly.

Heechul looked at the maknae’s.

“Me too.”

Kyuhyun stood up and walked to the door.


Kyuhyun looked to Heechul.

“Your hair is getting longer. Trying to imitate me?”

Kyuhyun smiled, “Nah. I just feel changing hair styles is too much of an effort. Beside…,” Kyuhyun stopped.

He opened the door and mumbled, “I like your hair short, Hyung,” the door closed and Heechul stood alone in front of the mirror.


“Ha?” Han Kyung literally dropped his jaw to the floor.

“What?” Heechul rubbed his own head.

“You’re… why did you always copy me?” Han Kyung protested.

“I’m not!”

They were walking to the waiting room. Today will be the third performance of their comeback as Super Junior.

“What do you mean “I’m not”? You look exactly like me!” Han Kyung crossed his arms.

“Ya, let’s take a brotherly pose photo in the waiting room.”


Kyuhyun was nervous. He had practice but he still doesn’t gain any confidence whatsoever. He waved his hand to his face, the waiting room was small and almost half of a dozen boys were inside. It was hot.

The waiting room door opened and Han Kyung came in with Heechul behind him.

“Hyung!” Eunhyuk squealed, “What’s wrong with your hair?”

“Ahahaha! I cut them all! You like it?” Heechul rubbed his head.

“Chestnut,” said Kang In.

“Yah! I look good in any hair style!” Heechul gave Kang In a jump kick.

After a while, Heechul looked at Kyuhyun from the corner of his eyes. He raised his thumb up to him.

Again, Kyuhyun’s heart skipped a beat. He smiled and nodded. His nervousness went down a notch and he nodded to Heechul.

He heard me.

A TV staff came in and inform them that the time for performance was about to begin. Everyone yelled and screamed “Fighting!” before going out the waiting room.

As always, Kyuhyun walked lastly behind the members. Heechul stopped him.

“You ready?” he asked.

Kyuhyun answered to him in a confidence way, he smiled, “Yes.”

“Great!” Heechul link his arm to Kyuhyun’s shoulder and walked together to the stage.

Tags: fanfic: one shot, super junior

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